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Empower Yourself With Birch Leaf End of Life Doula Care

Assisting with planning, guidance, and emotional support during palliative care or at end of life.

Natasha Prax

End of Life Doula

My mission is to bring support, comfort, and peace to the dying and their loved ones. This work can be done alongside hospice staff as additional support, or as an independent contractor. As the End of Life Doula field is newly emerging, and quite new to Alaska specifically, it is my goal is to represent the field as professionally as possible. To me this means always learning and aiming for the highest levels of training and certification available.

INELDA Trained in the Following Processes:

Phase 1:

Summing Up and Planning

Exploring the meaning of the dying person’s life

Initiating legacy projects

Assisting with unfinished business

Creating visualizations

Deciding on how the space will look and feel

Designing rituals

Developing a vigil plan

Phase 2:

Conducting Vigil

Assuring the last days happen as planned


Using touch and holding to bring comfort


Providing family with respite


Making sure the patient doesn’t die alone


Informing about signs & symptoms


 Leading guided visualizations and rituals


Provide emotional support

Phase 3:

Reprocessing & Early Grief

Retelling the dying story in detail


Uncovering traumatic moments to reframe them


Giving back to family beautiful moments


Explaining the journey through grief


Providing emotional & spiritual support


Bring completion to the doula involvement

Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more about the assistance I can provide? Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.


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